BattleLink Utility Low Profile Stock – Black


BattleLink Utility Low Profile Stock – Black

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Battlelink Stocks are the evolution of battlefield technology manufactured using a specially developed reinforced, super tough polyamide from DuPont’s Military Plastic Division. Putting the stock to your shoulder is the foundation of any stock. Holding true to the basics while adding functionality was our goal. With heavy input from operators from all spectrums we saw the need to make a stock that adapts to the users demands. This stock adapts and changes to your environment or operational needs, from storing additional items to utilizing custom accessory mounts while being able to accept any type of sling configuration. This ultimately makes our stock superior in today’s AR accessories market.Beginning to end, success of the Mission is what every brave individual operating in harmŒÍs way, strives for. Mission First Tactical develops evolutionary rifle/carbine accessories reducing Operators strain and fatigue, increasing effectiveness, target acquisition and accurate shot sequences.BULS Features and Functions:Œ´ Slide-on replacement for limited utility originalŒ´ Angled non-slip buttpad allows faster presentation, even with body armorŒ´ Pivoting rear accessed large and watertight storage compartmentŒ´ Customizable foam storage block with quick access tab diminishes rattleŒ´ Quick Detach Sling mounting points (2) are positioned for optimum usageŒ´ Upper section provides enhanced cheek weldŒ´ Accessory mounting provisions


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