Kuuma BDPC V.4


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Product Description

Kuuma BDPC V. 4     $95

Caliber:  5.56/223 & 5.45×39
Body Length:  2.5″
Body Diameter:  .985″
Weight:  4.3 oz
Thread Pitch:  1/2-28
Made from High Fatigue Strength, Low Alloy, Chromium Steel
QPQ Coated
Crush Washer Included
Installed baffle adds .200″ to overall length (not considered legal length in regards to permanently attached muzzle devices)

The Kuuma is designed for the discerning shooter who is more concerned with optimizing barrel pressure and directing muzzle blast than suppressing muzzle flash. Known for making the best 5.45x39mm AR/M4 barrel on the market, we decided in 2010 to optimize two other AK-74 design concepts, the Krink and the Booster, and develop a hybrid specifically for the AR-15, M4, and M16 family.  Part of the M4’s success is its relatively compact size and light weight.  A traditional Krink is simply too bulky for the AR.  Short barrels quickly become long barrels.  Lightweight barrels quickly become medium heavy barrels.  While it does provide blast direction benefits, the cone is too thin to endure heavy abuse and the exit hole too large to effectively optimize barrel pressure.  A traditional booster effectively optimizes gasses from the barrel but does not as effectively direct blast.  The Kuuma is a new combination of the two concepts developed and intended for the AR platform.  The resulting specs:

  • Significantly smaller size and weight.
  • Thicker, stronger, shorter, radiused blast baffle instead of long thin cone.
  • Shortened baffle increases cavity volume and optimizes barrel pressure (especially when the barrel is made specifically for the Kuuma).
  • Reduced exit hole to increase pressure.
  • Four different models to provide a variety of options for multiple configurations and part compatibility.

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