Pistol/Carbine Combat Tactics Class Deposit


Pistol/Carbine Combat Tactics Class

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Think you can shoot? Think you can manipulate a gun? Want to improve your skills? Want to learn how to be a better shooter? Shoot under pressure? These folks have trained Blackwater, SEALs, Delta, Private Contractors just to name a few. Watch the video. Join the class we only have 12 spots!! The last course filled up in 3 days!


June 15th, 2013 it is a Saturday…i have done this course several times, I was pulling the trigger from 930am – 430pm…This is not how to shoot a gun...this is how to become a true operator and fight with a gun. We have law enforcement and military that have taken this class and blatantly said they were never taught these techniques.

Items Required:

-350 rounds of pistol ammo

-150 rounds of AR 556/223 ammo

-Holster (Safariland ALS is by far the best option, and pretty inexpensive)

-3 pistol magazines and waist/belt holder Blackhawk is the one I use

-Peltor Electronic Ear Muffs (not ear plugs) this will shut off gunfire but allows for vocal commands to be heard (A MUST!)


-Single Point Sling (I do carry these as well as the sling plate mounts)

-Lots and lots of water AS WELL as juice (apple juice, orange juice) kids juice boxes work great…hydration is a must!

-The total Cost will be $350 per person (its $500 for private course)

-If you’re not shooting your loading

-The recommended gear is to make you better and more flexible…you can choose not to get any of the gear but you will literally be wasting your $$, I have watched folks say well I will use this, or I will use that…which is perfectly fine, and then they leave frustrated because they had problems or it made them slower then they go purchase what we recommended.

-Maximum of 10 students allowed per course

Lead Instructor – Hector B. Echegoyen,with over 18 years of experience has provided professional Close Protection, High Risk Transport, Hostage Rescue, Risk Management Consulting and Firearms Training throughout the world to Fortune 500 Corporations, Domestic and Foreign Government Agencies, as well as State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies.

Mr. Echegoyen is continually called upon to provide his infinite knowledge as a Tactical Security Advisor and Risk Management Consultant to many Domestic and Foreign Government Agencies, in countries such as the United States, Peru, Guatemala, Mexico and the Middle East.

Mr. Echegoyen has proven his expertise as Commanding Officer in many operations globally and has received numerous awards of appreciation and commendation from Corporations and Governments worldwide for his assistance. In addition, Mr. Echegoyen also instructs State and Federal Law Enforcement Officers, Investigators, Military Personnel and Corporate Workforce throughout the world in Tactical Firearms, Crisis/Risk Management, High Risk Transport, Close Protection Security, High Risk Vehicle Evasive Procedure, and CQB Tactics.

Furthermore, Mr. Echegoyen has obtained an Advanced Rank from Bill Roger’s Shooting School, excelled in High Risk Security Operations and Executive Protection courses with Blackwater, “Mirror Image” training at the Terrorism Research Center, training at Front Sight, and Unarmed Self Defense / Force-on-Force training with PDT.


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